07 septiembre 2007

Nessun Dorma...

Que nadie duerma...y que todos recordemos a la VOZ con mayúsculas, y a la persona que fue Pavarotti.Nunca creí que me apenaría tanto la noticia de su desaparición, no puedo evitar escucharlo sin que me recorra un escalofrío (como siempre) y se me suba un nudo a la garganta...Mi madre es una gran fan, es la que me ha contagiado el cariño a la opera y la afición a Pavarotti...nunca puedo escucharlo tampoco sin que me venga ella a la mente, me gusta eso, y siempre será así...

Quede como un hasta siempre uno de mis temas favoritos: Nessun Dorma, de la opera Turandot, de Giacomo Puccini.

01 septiembre 2007

The Eternal Fall por Mick Mercer...bien merece una entrada.

23 de Agosto de 2007...Mick Mercer, escritor y fotógrafo inglés, crítico y autor de libros como "Hex Files: The Goth Bible" o "21st Century Goth." se fija en "The eternal fall" y hace una crítica de su disco recopilatorio "The Trilogy Compilation"...estas son sus palabras...

It’s always good to be introduced to Goth which merges old school nobility with newer eras of sound simplicity. A duo in this case, of David Tenza and the man simply named Sol who united in 2001, and have a fair few records out. This CD is a sampler which includes Videos on the sampler include three promos, a darkly arty ‘Das Angsthaus’, a simple ‘The Scar’ shot live at Beyond The Veil, and a disturbing one, ’The Puppet’, involving a puppet.

Musically it’s dark and direct, without heavy atmosphere. ‘Closed’ is moody Goth with hushed vocals that suddenly leap up, keenly pained and pouring out angst over the sedate synth and pootling rhythmical flow. ‘I Like The Sounds Of Your Death’ has a cheap drum machine and plinking keyboard with sweet, slow synth gas, a thickening bass web and suddenly dramatic vocals flooding the spaces between. Invigorating and semi-stately, it looms large as a sound like a gracious version of Also. With ‘The Hanged Man’ it grows bolder, guitar like a blunt scalpel, pushing through the softer membranes, with the vocals a stern spotlight, sweeping the linear length.

‘Today I’m So Sad’ is a beautiful, lightly mournful piece which benefits from no upfront noise but an understates and dignified glide, while the comparatively urgent ‘To You’ tumbles freely although my copy seems to skip, as the vocals roll frantically, and this curdled pop frenzy boils over during ‘The Scar’, a distant Danse Society relative. ‘The Door Under The Floor’ crackles, ‘The Pain Of Penitents (Remix)’ and ‘I Fed Up (Remix)’ are bursting and bubbling, with a longing, vibrant ‘The Regret’ bringing it to a superb close, on a record which reveals that a catchy, enveloping mood is something they conjure up superbly well. It isn’t glossy, particularly deep or even ambitious. It just works perfectly within its own limits.